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17 September 2019
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In addition to exploring the beaches beautiful, swimming and relaxing on the island then, the island also offers a variety of activities so much more, to serve and make your vacation colorful, increasingly many things. you can choose activities You do not follow me.
  • Banana Boat 
​It's all about the fun and enjoy the excitement, for groups of friends or families who want to have fun together. Prices start at 30m./1 round 
  • Jet Ski
​It's all about the fun and enjoy the speed, ride the jet ski on the sea surface. Prices start at 30m/1 round 
  • Parashoot
If you love heights free in the sky and fly like a bird. Price start from 8 - 10 minutes

  • Around Island, Snorkeling

      Program One

Trips around the island by boat, bringing you to see beaches of Koh Samed to collect beautiful pictures. Then stop by Ao Proa to relax and dive and then back to your hotel.

Time  : 10:00 - 14:30.
Remark  : 50% for aged 3-5 year
               : Age from 6 years old will be charged as adults.

You'll get:
1. trips around the island. And visit the diving bay.
2  big  boat
3 fruit, water, life jackets, diving equipment.
4. Karaoke

      Program Two

ฺBoat around the island to see beaches of KohSamet, stop for diving and wait for watching the sunset and taking photo at Ao Proa.

Time   : 16:00 - 18:30.
Remark  : 50% of adults aged 3-5.
               : Age from 6 years old will be charged as adults.
You'll get:
1. Trip to watch the sunset. Speedboat Beaches
2. Photo
3. Boat
4. Fruit, water, life jacket, diving equipment.

  • Squid Fisheries
            The another interesting activity that we’re pround to serve is going out to the sea in the nomoon night to watch the squid fisheries.
  • Go by slow boat for squid catching in the dark night.
  • Around 18.00-22.00 P.M.
  • Include Fishing equipment, soft drink, bar B.Q.  and fruits.

- 50% discount for Age 6-10 year
- Free of charge for under 5 year age.


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