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 Ao Cho


  • Ao Cho Hideaway Grandview Resort
Ao Cho Grand View Resort (formally Grand View Aocho Hideaway) is calmly located on a private spot and spiritual site – KohSamet, where style flirts with oriental soul in a secret habitation of white-sand beach, Turquoise Ocean and breathtaking sunshine.

For guests seeking a personal retreat, we believe there is no better place on KohSamed than Ao Cho Hideaway. It is an oasis for those wishing to truly get away and distance themselves from everyday concerns.

Ao Cho Grand View is a world unto itself, alive with hidden pleasures. Extra spacious, each bungalow has romantic touches such as a king-size bed, verandah with ocean view and private outdoor shower. Oversized hammock beckon from the trees. Lounge chairs nestled in the sand call from the beach. And at the end of the day, return to your private cottage for peaceful seclusion to dream again. Ambience and amenities are designed for couples who enjoy each other's company - such as romantic picnics for two, intimate moonlit dinners at seaside. These pleasures are enhanced by the warmth and gracious pampering of Grand View’s staffs, who is delighted in sharing their island.


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