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  • The Cove (Baan RinPah)
The Cove (Baan-Rimpah) , A lovely seaview guesthouse situated on a beautiful cliff . You will wake-up to meet with a cool breeze and beautiful panorama view from your bed. Be ready for a full information

  • Home Design By Pakin
Home Design by Pakin is resting on the beach in Suanson beach, Rayong distinctive modern style Bangalow. And decorated with modern furniture and the unique nature of the sea and lush greenery. Overlooking the sea and beaches. For those who want privacy. All rooms are beautifully decorated. Equipped with modern facilities. There is also a seafood restaurant, seafood perceptive taste spicy name "Mai long Mai Roo" and “Suan Son Coffee in Love” Coffee daily with a friendly atmosphere.


  • Hub De Leaf @Rayong
Hub de Leaf is inspired by an idea to create the first unique style of Modern Chic accommodation in Rayong city. Our business accommodation with 62 rooms located nearby Bangkok Hospital (Rayong) is convenient to access to both central of Rayong and Industrial Estate.

Presenting with creative designed environment, you will enjoy the ease and excitement of truly trendy modern chic place. We offer an optimal ingredient for all customers by maintaining high quality of services in a reachable price.


  • Nice Beach Hotel Rayong
​Nice Beach Hotel, where you will be impressed by the famous and beautiful beach named "Mae Rum Pung" and many places to visit such as "Baan Pae fresh seafood market" ,"orchard with variety kinds of tropical fruits" , " Ta-Pong fruit market", “KhaoLaemYa National Park", "Rayong Aquarium", "Samet Island", “Asia’s longest Cable Ride Rainforest Tour” and small fishing village with traditional way of life named "Baan KonAo". Sunset can be seen in front of the hotel. Also you can touch mild grey sand on a very long and wide beach which is suitable for swimming and sunbathing. 
All rooms with balcony of mountain view or sea view.


  • Banpae Cabana
​Bright sunshine, blue water and warm waves, soft white sand, clean beach, tranquility and privacy, tropical jungle huts with complete facility. Fresh water swimming pool and all kinds of marine sports, fishing, windsurfing, snorkelling and Island cruising. Huge kitchen, first class chefs serving you with fresh seafood and variety of cuisines. You’ll all have here at BANN PAE CABANA. This is the unique beach resort in this side of the Gulf of Thailand. Unique in the ways of having the utmost use of the preserved nature, of understanding what the oversea tourists long for, and of the most selective architectural and interior designs to meet the balance point between nature and accommodations. We have what other resorts have, but we have more tranquility and privacy for you. We understand what other resorts understand about tourists but we also acknowledge your wish. We really know that and we do care.

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